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You must refund monies spent if you fail to qualify -Abbey Pobee to Blackstars

Veteran football administrator, Jonathan Abbey Pobee says Ghana   Black stars ought to qualify  from their group taking into consideration of the teams involved. Group F consist of Defending champions Cameoon, Guinea Bissue Ghana and Benin.

Speaking to Host of Morning Breeze James Clarke on In Him is Life Radio/Tv,  Mr Abbey Pobee explained that nothing shows that Ghana  cannot qualify since they have all it takes to win.

“  If they do not qualify for their group ,the monies spent on, technical team, coaches, technical team among others must be refunded” he noted.

Ghana yesterday played its opening match at the AFCON 2019 with Benin. At the end of the match the scores was draw that is 2:2.

Ghana will face Cameroon ,defending champions on Saturday who are already leading the group with 3 points whiles Benin will play with Guinea Bissue .

Going forward the Vetran Blackstars Administrator said  the Ghana Football Association must get someone who is religious and God fearing who does the will of God to lead the GFA.

“  Sometimes I say that God has given us everything such as Cocoa, timber,oil, but didn’t give us people to lead the country. If we have people we won’t suffer like this”.

“We need leaders who will stand for the truth and do the will of God irrespective of their religion. The person can be a Christian, Muslim or traditionalist but he or she must follow the principles of God.

“We need a diplomat  like the woman who have been chosen to stir the affairs of FIFA and not these crocoches” he added.

On yesterday’s match Mr Abbey Pobee said one doesn’t  do the will of God he or she is likely to fail adding that Ghanaians cannot blame Coach Kwesi Appiah for yesterday’s match against Benin.

“ You can’t blame the coach, players because our failure is due to sins commented by our leaders who have spent Ghana’s money that is why God will not give us His blessings for the country to win the trophy” he stated.

He said the all whole confusion started when Coach Appiah decided to take the captainship from Asamoah Gyan for Dede Ayew because of his believe that Dede Ayew will help Ghana win the trophy. HE said God has blocked Coach Kwesi’s ears because they don’t speak the truth when it comes to budget and monetary issues.

On whether can win the trophy he said “Ghana cannot win the trophy unless leaders in the Ghana Football Association do away with corruption so can’t tell Ghanaians to pray for Ghana.

He said the football team, administrators technical team among others spend so much without givng proper account to Ghanaians whenever there is tournament. Due to this the punishment God will give to them is for Ghana to lose their games.


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