Parliament says it has taken great care to ensure that its surroundings are properly secured to avert any incident.

The legislature’s assurance comes hours after a man in his mid-30’s attempted suicide in the public gallery, Thursday, June 13.

In a press release, Acting Director of Public Affairs at Parliament House, Kate Addo explained that Kojo Mensah had come to the House indicating that he wanted an audience with his representative who is the MP for Kwesimintim.

Kojo Mensah being escorted to the police station

According to her, there was no cause for suspicion that he constituted a threat to himself or any other person on the premises.

Acting Director of Public Affairs at Parliament House, Kate Addo

She said, Mr Mensah was admitted to the public gallery of the Chamber and conducted himself fairly well until he took out a bandage and tried to ostensibly strangle himself with it.

“The security in Parliament acted timeously and averted what would have been a fatal incident if he had succeeded. Mr Mensah was escorted from the Chamber and handed over to the police for his own safety and for the safety of the public at large,” she said.

Parliament is consciously maintaining a high-security presence to ensure the safety of the MPs and staff of Parliament as well as the general public.

The legislature has also cautioned citizens that inasmuch as they are welcomed to observe proceedings in the public gallery, they should comply with the rules governing the House.