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Train your children according to their temparament

A Human Resource Practitioner  and Deaconess at the church of Pentecost Dr Mrs Jemima Ankamah Lomotey has advised parents to train their children according to their temperament, position in family sex and age.

Speaking on Keeping balance between nature and nurture of Children;Effective Parenting ,Dr Jemima Ankamah noted that parents go wrong by expecting same traits from their children forgetting that their tempearaments, position in among children etc varies.

It is therefore important for parents to identify the temperament of each child and train them accordingly.

“Look out for the flaws in the their temperament and help your child to overcome them. Same applies to their sex and age” she added.

Dr Jemima Ankamah Lomotey entreated parents not to feel shy to educate their children on teenage pregnancy ,menstruation, erection etc.

“Don’t leave everything to their biology teachers. Some twist information to their own  benefits and later get these female students on their beds” she stated.

She explained that once you open up to your children they will feel free to ask you any questions bothering them.

She stated “These children have knowledge but applying it is the problem. So help them by creating a friendly environment at home where children feel ease asking questions bothering them.”

Dr Mrs Ankamah Lomotey advised parents to desist from comparing one sibling to the other adding that they are all unique in their own way .

“Don’t impose careers on children . This is not good and can’t affect their output” she added.

Mrs Ankama Lomotey who is also a child worker noted that parenting has become sophisticated because the society keep involving making parenting a challenge.

She said its important parents  start training their wards from childhood so that they grow with it. Not forgetting the word of God which is very important in child upbringing.

The Deaconess urged Parents to train their children continually and never give up. Bring every challenge to God and at the right you will receive the result you are expecting.

She also urged parents  to spend quality time with your ward instead of chasing.

By: Victoria Soglo

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