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Blow by blow account of how the Cecilia Marfo ‘scandal’ started

Cecilia Marfo yesterday, 14th May 2019 went on Facebook live and accused Ghpage.com of conspiring with some people she called her enemies to bring her down by fabricating stories about her.

This article is meant to set the record straight and chronicle the issues surrounding Cecilia Marfo and how Ghpage.com got involved in releasing exclusive reports about her past sexual escapades and activities.

For the record, Ghpage Media is an independent online media platform which does not bend to external influence to tread a particular line either for money or fame. We follow the news to its logical conclusion—damning the consequences —and whether it favors a close subject or not.

How it all started:

In May 2017, Cecilia Marfo held ‘Osorie Fie’ worship conference at Mampong Nursing school and one of the guest musicians present was Brother Sammy.

During the service, Cecilia Marfo slapped Brother Sammy, tore a neckless from his neck and warned him to stop involving himself in occultism.

Weeks later, the angry Bro Sammy came out to attack Cecilia Marfo and accused her of being possessed by an evil spirit. For months, it became a banter between them and even Ernest Opoku was also dragged into their fight on several occasions.

Fast forward in March 2019, a voice recording went viral on Whatsapp of a man claiming to be an associate pastor of Cecilia Marfo.

The man who identified himself as Gideon alleged that a month before she went to Mampong and accused Br Sammy of dealing in satanic powers, she slept with her driver.

He also alleged that Cecilia Marfo had told her she does not have the spirit of God in her. She is faking for the money and neither the husband or herself have the fear of God in them.

Pastor Gideon also revealed Cecilia Marfo made him assist her to write the names of gospel musicians in Ghana on a GHS50 note which they buried after she did some incantations.

Gospel Musician, Gifty Osei( now married to Mr. Adorye), Bro Sammy, and others were still c razily reacting to the audio from Gideon. Then another audio came up. This time, from Godwin who said, he is a former cook for Cecilia Marfo.

Godwin alleged that Cecilia Marfo indeed slept with her driver and other men he knows of. He revealed Cecilia Marfo’s husband is even aware of the promiscuous life of the gospel musician. He is just too afraid to say—perhaps might lose the money he enjoys from the singers ‘bad’ activities.

All this time, Ghpage Media (Both Ghpage.com and Ghpage TV on Youtube) were just following the news without any solid lead.

We were reporting just as the other media houses were. As usual, Ghpage.com dug into the news and got in contact with the man claiming to be the former associate pastor of Cecilia Marfo who made the wild allegations earlier.

We spoke with him about his accusations. We mentioned, he might be just out to get the gospel singer/prophetess because they are no longer work together —but he insisted everything he said was God’s honest truth.

He then added he is ever ready to stand in front of a camera and repeat his accusations to the Glory of God.

Ghpage.com also reached out to Godwin, the former cook and he also boldly stated he is ready to go on record in front of a camera and prove his allegations.

So Ghpage.com, as expected of every nonbias media platform, gave them the stage to tell their story if they claim they are being honest and are not hiding behind audio recording to defame someone.

During the Interview, Gideon, the former associate pastor reiterated his allegations and added even more damning allegations.

Besides sleeping with her driver, burying money with names on it, Gideon also revealed Cecilia Marfo works with Marine spirit known in local parlance as Mami Wata.

He claimed God revealed to him about the powers the woman uses which he warned her but she did not mind him.

He had stayed with Cecilia Marfo for 3 years working as her associate pastor when he finally found out the truth. He also revealed Cecilia Marfo spits in the mouth of people during her deliverance services and it’s all part of her rituals.

The Next person to tell his story in camera and not hiding behind audio was Godwin, the former cook of Cecilia Marfo.

According to him, the over 2 years he stayed with Cecilia Marfo, he saw shocking things the woman did behind the scenes.

Besides sleeping with her driver, and some other men, Godwin revealed Cecilia Marfo once asked him to put his manhood in her hands for her to pray for it.

After both had finished telling their shocking stories, Ghpage.com made it clear to them it still remains allegations without any proof. That was when they stated they have proofs to back their claims.

First pictures of the driver who was allegedly bonking Cecilia Marfo was submitted but we told them they are not proof enough. That was when an audio recording of the driver admitting to fu*cking Cecilia Marfo during a telephone conversation was submitted as proof.

On the allegations of Cecilia Marfo working with marine spirit, a video of her confessing to being possessed by a marine spirit was also submitted a week after the ‘audio confirmation’ with the driver.

In the video which appears to have been taken a year or more ago, Cecilia Marfo was being prayed for by a man of God. During the deliverance, she confessed she was possessed by a marine spirit known in local parlance as Mami Wata.

Ghpage.com over the years have been an unbiased media network and will forever remain so. Ghpage TV/Ghpage.com was just following the story and will continue to do so with all the professionalism required.

Several contacts were made to the camp of Madam Cecilia to react to the issues but all of them proved futile.


Source: Ghpage.com

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