“We will not sit idle for things to get out of hand. The private hostels are testaments that a private investor is making enough profit, so we cannot sit down for the hostels to be privatised for someone to make money off us. The prices could go as much as ¢2,500 to ¢3,000 [per academic year],” another student protested.

Dean of Student Prof. Godfred Bokpin

“There isn’t any firm decision to privatise those halls but that proposal has come up for consideration as the university is looking at various options available to enable it to draw down on these facilities.

“Currently, the University does not have a balance sheet and I think increasing fees is available…there is the need to look at the fees students are paying because the university is heavily underfunded by government.”

According to him, the constraint of the school has to be addressed because the last three years Parliament had to step in to determine who has the right to determine the fees.

“So we are still charging fees as low as it was in 2015/2016 academic year. But you will bear with me that prices are not the same now and we have to be realistic with what is on the ground is that we are running down our assets that we are not able to maintain and increase infrastructure,” he said.

He, however, says the committee will invite the university management over the possible privatisation of some four halls of residence when Parliament resumes from recess.