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My daughters are foolish; not smarter like street kids – Kennedy Agyapong

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central Constituency, Kennedy Agyepong has described his daughters as foolish because they were born into wealth and have never experience the sufferings of life.

He disclosed that street kids are far better in terms of smartness than them simply because they have learnt serious lessons in the situation they find themselves unlike his daughters who have everything at their disposal.

“These my daughters coming in here, if I speak then their mother gets angry you can see they are all foolish”, he disclosed at a public event.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) firebrand entreated rich parents to stop pampering their children and teach them home sense which will guide them when their die or lose their businesses.

He indicated that majority of rich mothers shower their children with all the goodies in life without teaching them how to make life on their own.

Mr Agyapong observed that majority of children of rich parents struggle to make a living when their parents die attributing this to poor training in their various homes.

While stating that some are unable to do business with the huge investments left by their parents and end up becoming useless in society, he blamed some parents for this habit.

He blasted his wife for pampering their kids when she’s supposed to teach them good morals asking why mothers get irritated when they are asked to inculcate good habits in their kids.

The outspoken lawmaker chastised his female children for refusing to learn home sense adding that life is not all about being chauffeur-driven to school, salon, shopping, traveling or putting on the best dresses every day.

Recounting how suffered before becoming a rich person in society he revealed that he slept on the streets at a point and wished his children will learn from his footsteps trying to make it without depending on him.

Comparing one of his daughters to a street hawker who struggles to make ends meet before going to school, he said the latter has home sense than his daughter who has all the riches at her disposal.

He wondered if his young daughters can take up his mantle when he dies advising his daughters and children from rich background to learn home sense and that their parents won’t live forever.

‘When I told one of my daughters how I suffered before making it in life, she didn’t believe me, but turned around to ask her mother if I was telling the truth, can you imagine?, she asked her mother who has never been to the farm before if I was truthful about my life experiences I shared with her, they haven’t seen poverty before. I can see my daughters are idiots, and when I say it their mother gets angry My daughter who is beautifully dressed and chauffeur-driven to school everyday and a street hawker who sells before going to school, which of these two kids can maintain businesses when the father dies, we are talking about home sense and not book knowledge,’ he said in a video sighted by MyNewsGh.com.

He encouraged the rich to share their experiences with the poor to motivate them to yearn for better life disclosing that he used to sleep in a veranda but can now boasts of over one hundred and twenty eight (128) houses.

The MP for Assin Central advised the young ones to be ambitious in life no matter the family they were born into.

‘We need to share experiences, I’m sharing my life experiences with you, im doing this for you to know that no matter where you were born or the family you were into, you can make it in life, you can change your destiny if you are serious,‘ he encouraged.


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